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Never Lose Your Valuables Again - Introducing I.C.E QR Tags

Do you constantly worry about losing your precious belongings, loved ones, or furry companions? That sinking feeling in your stomach when you can't find your keys, luggage, or pet, can be absolutely devastating. But worry no more! We have the ultimate solution so that you can live confidently, knowing you're protected with our emergency contact solutions.

Meet I.C.E QR - the smart luggage tags, smart I.D. cards, and more designed to ensure the safety of your worldly treasures, pets, and even your very own loved ones.

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I.C.E QR: Your Life's Security Blanket

Child and officer with a wristband on the child's wrist.

With our cutting-edge I.C.E QR Smart Key Tags, we're taking safety to a whole new level. Our smart tags provide anonymous communications and notifications, ensuring you're always informed about your most cherished possessions. So, whether it's an adventurous pet on a wild escapade or a misplaced suitcase, our smart tags are here to save the day.

But that's not all! Our tags can also be lifesavers in emergencies, acting as guardian angels for lost children and elderly individuals with dementia. Plus, they provide first responders with access to critical medical information in times of crisis.

How Does it work?

1. Item Lost

orange circle icon with a white luggage

You lose luggage or pet that has the tag on.

2. Item Found

orange circle icon with a white outlined ID Card

Someone finds your item or pet. Sees your custom QR code and scans it.

3. Tag is Scanned

orange circle icon with a white outlined generic qr code

The scanner is brought to your custom form you filled out for that tag.

4. Retrieval

orange circle icon with a white outlined chat icon

A text message will be sent to the phone number provided at registration. The message will contain your custom messaging along with the GPS location of where the scan occurred.

Why Choose I.C.E QR

I.C.E QR Smart Tags We Make Smart Tags Better

I.C.E QR smart tags provide an easier way to track and find lost items. Our smart tags are small and lightweight, making them easy to attach to any item, person or pet. Our tags allow anonymous communication and notifications when lost pets or belongings that are found. They are available in various styles, including a keyring, stickers, slide-on collars, wristbands, and wallet inserts, and bracelets.

Peace of Mind for Emergencies

I.C.E QR smart wristbands are perfect for emergencies, such as a child getting lost at a theme park or an elderly person with dementia who may wander off, or the special needs run risks. The tags can also store critical medical information, allowing first responders to access any necessary information quickly.

Passive Tracking

At I.C.E QR we believe your privacy is for you.

Our intelligent tags utilize the location of the individual who scans the tags, which is then sent to you via text message.

Smart Dog Tags & Luggage Tags: No More Lost Pets or Belongings

doberman pincher sitting with a plastic tag with a QR on it.

I.C.E QR's state-of-the-art smart dog tags and luggage tags use Q.R. codes and N.F.C. technology for seamless, passive communication and notifications. When your tagged item or pet is found, scanning the tag will instantly notify you via text message, allowing you to breathe easy and reclaim your precious treasure or companion.

Emergency Wristbands: Protect Your Loved Ones in a Crisis

Our emergency wristbands act as an essential and reliable lifeline for you or your loved ones, ensuring crucial information is available during an emergency. The wristbands can include an individual's identity, allergies, emergency contacts, and more.

I.C.E QR wristband

Popular Uses for I.C.E QR

Your pets.
doberman pincher sitting with a plastic tag with a QR on it.
Want to keep track of your purses and keys hassle-free? Look no further than I.C.E QR's smart tags! Whether it's a misplaced set of keys or an unexpected accident, our tags can alert your loved ones that you're okay or give you peace of mind about where you left your belongings.

Approximately: 120,000 dogs are lost yearly
Purses & Keys.
keys sitting forgotten on a counter with a dog tag from ice-qr
Ever set your keys down at a checkout or restaurant? Ever in an accident? In both these situations we can let your loved ones know if you are okay. Or give you peace of mind where your left them behind.

Approximately: 100,000 book-bags, purses, diaper bags are lost yearly. / 22 Million wallets
Bags & Belongings.
Lunchbox left at a school with a QR tag from ice-qr
Are you tired of constantly losing track of your belongings, especially when it comes to your kids' stuff? Say goodbye to the stress and frustration with I.C.E QR's smart luggage tags! Simply attach them to your bags, art supplies, gloves, and anything else important. With real-time notifications, you'll be the first to know when your lost item is found. It's the peace of mind you need to keep up with your busy life.

Approximately: 20,000 of these are left just at schools per year
Your loved ones.
I.C.E QR wristband
This one hits hard as we could have used it here. You can read our story above for more details as it could saved his family so much.

Medical bracelets serve as a voice for the non-responsive, those who are non-verbal, and our cherished individuals with special needs.
Your Belongings.
sticker on the side of a camera with a QR on it.
Here we have a sticker on a camera in case it is left behind at a shoot or an event.

Approximately: 120,000 phones are left in just Chicago cabs per year
Your baggage.
luggage at the airport with a plastic tag with a QR on it.
Do you travel a lot? Do you have a luggage tag with your information on it? Whether you want to just hide your information from plain view or have it notify you, its perfect for both cases. Imagine every time you get on a flight being able to login, update your flight, hotel info, and/or personal info at anytime!

Approximately: 26,000,000 luggage bags are lost yearly

Get Ready to Revolutionize Your Security with I.C.E QR's Smart Tags!

Stop leaving things to chance and start taking control of your safety. From your beloved pets to your treasured possessions, our smart tags make it easy to keep track of everything that matters most to you. So don't wait any longer to experience I.C.E QR!

Bringing you peace of mind.
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