How Could I.C.E QR have helped us?

Several years ago, on a rainy, fall night while driving home from work with my mom, we came across an elderly man standing at an intersection.

Observing this man just standing in the downpour and walking in place, it became immediately evident that something was wrong. We pulled over and coaxed the man over toward our car. When we tried to get his name and address or a direction from which he came so that we could help him home, he had no idea.

It was obvious this gentleman was suffering from some sort of cognitive disorder. Left with no means to identify or assist this man, we called the police.

Ultimately, we heard a young man, the grandson, yelling his grandfather’s name from a few blocks away as we waited with the man for the police.

This event spawned the idea of how great it would be to be able to identify someone in these types of situations. Fast forward, technology advances, I.C.E is your solution !

black and white photo of an elderly man walking down a pebble path holding a cane.

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