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Our collar tag is perfect for dogs that have an active lifestyle. It could also be used to place on a bag, bike basket, or anything that the tag can be woven onto, such as a jacket. This collar tag doesn't have active GPS, so there's no subscription to worry about.

However, if you lose the item that is attached when found, someone could scan the QR code or NFC chip to notify you that it's been found and its location based on the GPS of the phone that is scanning. You can also program it to have a message pop up that can contain important information, such as your contact information, any medical information, or any message that you'd like the person finding it to know.

Having a pet that doesn't care for tags that dangle? This slips onto small belt style collars with ease. Keep your pet safe and stylish with our collar tag!

Flat PVC for belt style collars, 42mm x 22mm X 0.84mm, with QR code and NFC chip.

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