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Our wallet card allows you to always carry your medical information and more with you. Losing your wallet can be a terrible feeling. Furthermore, being in an accident or having a serious medical problem can lead authorities to check your wallet for your identification. Carrying around your wallet card is as simple as carrying your debit card and could save your life.

You can include things such as medical information, emergency contacts, and any other information you would want authorities or those who find your wallet to know. This card contains a QR code and NFC chip, which isn't an active GPS. These must be scanned in order for you to get a message sent telling you the location. This can also be set up to send out to your emergency contacts as well as have a message pop up for those who found the wallet.

PVC Wallet Card, 85.5mm x 54mm X 0.84mm, with QR code and NFC chip.

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