I.C.E QR's Donation to Riot Fest's Lost and Found: A Game-Changer for Festival-Goers


Chicago, IL – In a move that highlights the intersection of technology and community spirit, I.C.E QR, a leading provider of smart tagging solutions, last year made a significant donation to Riot Fest's Lost and Found services. This contribution, consisting of a variety of I.C.E QR smart tags, is set to revolutionize how lost items are tracked and returned to their rightful owners during the bustling music festival.

A Common Challenge at Festivals

Riot Fest, known for its eclectic mix of punk, rock, and alternative music, draws thousands of attendees each year. With such large crowds, the loss of personal items like phones, wallets, and backpacks is a common occurrence. The festival's Lost and Found has always been a crucial service, but it often faces the challenge of reuniting lost items with their owners efficiently.

I.C.E QR Steps In

Recognizing this challenge, I.C.E QR stepped forward with a solution. The company donated a range of its smart tags, including stickers, wristbands, and keyring tags, all equipped with unique QR codes patrons could link their contact information too. These tags are designed to be attached to personal items, making them easily identifiable and trackable.

How I.C.E QR Tags Work

When an item with an I.C.E QR tag is found, the finder can simply scan the QR code using a smartphone. This scan reveals the owner's contact details, allowing for immediate and direct communication. The system is designed to be quick, user-friendly, and secure, ensuring that personal information is only accessible when needed.

The Impact at Riot Fest

The donation from I.C.E QR was warmly received by Riot Fest organizers and festival-goers alike.

A Step Forward for Festival Safety

This initiative by I.C.E QR not only enhances the efficiency of the Lost and Found service but also promotes a sense of community and responsibility among attendees. The ease of returning found items fosters a more cooperative environment, crucial in large public gatherings like Riot Fest.


I.C.E QR's donation to Riot Fest's Lost and Found is more than just a corporate gesture; it's a contribution to the overall safety and enjoyment of the festival experience. As more events adopt similar technologies, the future of personal item security at large public gatherings looks more promising than ever. This collaboration between I.C.E QR and Riot Fest sets a precedent for how technology can be used to foster community spirit and attendee satisfaction.

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